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Digital Scrapbook Templates

Welcome to the world of digital scrapbooking!  Digital Scrapbooking is a hot, growing trend because of the tools now available to the average computer user to make professional and realistic results with their photos 'digitally' (without the mess of paper, scissors and glue). 


All that's needed is a little guidance and in no time, you'll be producing your own printable digital scrapbooks of your favorite photo memories!  Scrapbooks are a treasure to enjoy, so join in the millions of people who are discovering digital scrapbooking for themselves and their family & friends!  Whether you're new or experienced with scrapbooking, these resources will really open your mind as to what else you can do with your digital image editing software program and your pictures! is committed to bringing you the highest quality scrapping elements, templates & digital scrapbooking tutorials for you to create your own, personal digital scrapbooks from your favorite photos.  All of these templates are compatible with the most popular consumer and professional image editing programs*.


Imagine the UNLIMITED Possibilities for your photos & favorite memories with Scrapbook Templates, Tutorials & Scraps!

Digital SCRAPS or 'Elements'

These are the fundamental elements of digital scrapbooking.  Whether you learn how to create your own or get them from a source such as this website, scraps allow you to create that realistic 3-D look and can include such things as backgrounds (as .jpg's) and embellishments.  Various embellishments include things such as; papers, rips, flowers, buttons, photo frames, pendants, string, ribbons, rust, candy, jewelry, diamonds, etc.

Scrapbook-Templates provides you with the highest quality 'scraps' for the intermediate to advanced scrapbooker to create their own original scrapbooks from the available elements.  If you're serious about scrapbooking, then you'll want to check out the 1,000's of available 'scraps' so you can create an unlimited variation of scrapbook possibilities on your own with your favorite photos & memories.


Digital Scrapbook templates are perfect for the beginner or intermediate scrapbooker who really just want to start scrapping with their photos by plugging them into the 'scrapovers' OR for those who want to use professional royalty-free templates as an inspiration/guideline  to create their own variations off of the template theme. 

Either way, scrapbook templates allow the digital scrapbooker to go ahead and replace the included photos with photos of their own for an instant and professional solution!


If you want to learn HOW-TO scrapbook from scratch by creating your own independent 'scraps' AND how to pull everything together into an unlimited variety of professional templates of your own, then click here for my recently released digital scrapbooking video tutorials or sign up above to get free scrapbooking tutorials access and downloads.  The ability to be able to create your own scraps and then create your own scrapbook templates will save you money in the long run & provide you with greater self-fulfillment.  Instead of getting the fish, you are learning to fish for the long haul with Scrapbook Templates Tutorials training for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

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